The Mellon Research Initiative in Feminist Arts & Sciences 2019

HATCHING Worlds, Year Three of the Feminist Arts & Sciences Mellon, culminates in visioning, imagining, doing the work of making new worlds and ways of being in and with them.  Speakers and makers this year build on our previous themes, “Live Through This” and “Critical Science Literacies.” Live Through This explored how race, gender, sexuality, ability, capital, and geopolitical location shape the value investments of science and technology, its promises and its crises.  Critical Science Literacies began our work in virtual and physical “labs,” where we experimented with and developed new models of feminist pedagogy and creative, ongoing research and teaching projects on and off-campus. These efforts encouraged new pathways between academic and non-academic community members, culminating in continuing collaborative research and teaching partnerships with California Latinas for Reproductive Justice and The People’s Community Medics (Oakland), among others.  HATCHING Worlds follows these strands, asking us to think, build, and do.