Winter 2018

Performance Studies 259: Transfeminist Performance / Queering Ecology  

In our seminar we will explore trans and feminist methodologies alongside the intersection of these categories, sometimes understood as a politic, study, form, performance or tension. Our deployment of ‘trans’ is as a material anchor and conceptual form and politic, a necessary working through of the evolving terrains of taxonomy. Readings are organized by performance theory and biopolitical studies of race and sex, and alongside readings we will work with visiting artists and scholars. The seminar functions as a working group to collectively think and enact a performance methodology. Creative and experimental pedagogies encouraged.

CRN 75171, meets Thursdays 12-3


WMS 201: Feminist Science and Democracy

Prof. Sara Giordano
CRN 74123
Mon 2:10-5 PM
In this feminist science studies class we will ask: How as feminists do we makes sense of this current political moment and how can we engage in science – or should we? Feminists have had a fraught relationship with science. A recurring set of questions circulate in feminist science studies literature over the last four decades: Should feminists engage in science and if so, how? And, what would a feminist science look like?
In this course, we will delve into current feminist science studies literature with a particular focus on questions of creating more democratic science. We will examine activist science, as well as, mainstream community science projects to examine the role of discourses of democracy, identity politics, and coalitional politics have on knowledge production. We will aim to put into practice what we are reading through a hands-on scientific project based in social justice principles. This will be developed collectively as a collaborative research project through the quarter. No previous science background is necessary. If you have already have an ongoing project with a social justice organization and would like to incorporate feminist science, you will have opportunities throughout this course to develop those links and work on your own project. If you are looking to engage with primary science literature to further your project, we will work on developing critical science literacy skills to help aid you in this direction.