The Mellon Research Initiative in Feminist Arts & Sciences

HATCH, the Mellon-funded Feminist Arts & Science Shop at UC Davis, provides space for communities to participate in the creation of scientific and technological research and knowledge-making. This year’s theme, Live Through This, brings together speakers and makers to foreground how race, gender, sexuality, ability, capital, and geopolitical location shape the value investments of science and technology, its promises and its crises.  What are the relationships between social justice struggles, disciplinary knowledge, and the inner-workings and priorities of the university?  Live Through This explores the diverse genealogies and practices of feminist science studies and fosters research that emerges from a variety of social justice struggles and institutional and disciplinary sites.

HATCH, the name we’ve adopted for the shop, is a generative, open one (think: hatch an egg or a plan or slip down an escape hatch).  Last year (theme: Critical Science Literacy), we invited UCD faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students as well as scholars and makers from around the world to work with us in virtual and physical “labs,” where we experimented with and developed new models of feminist pedagogy and creative, ongoing research and teaching projects on and off campus. These efforts encouraged new pathways between academic and non-academic community members, culminating in continuing collaborative research and teaching partnerships with California Latinas for Reproductive Justice and The People’s Community Medics (Oakland), among others.  Live Through This further extends these commitments and experiments in scientific and social reproduction.   This year HATCH considers where and how our best efforts live and labor within the disciplinary confines and rationales of the university itself.  Please join us in this thinking and doing and hatching. 

HATCH: The Feminist Arts & Science Shop at UC Davis (a Mellon Research Initiative) 
2018-2019 Theme: Live Through This
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